5 Reasons for a Autumn / Winter Wedding in Portugal

Getting married during the Fall / Winter is no longer a last option and has become, for many people, the first choice. But why get married on less hot days? When the days are shorter in terms of sunlight? We bring 5 Reasons for an Autumn / Winter Wedding in Portugal. Well, let's try to show you that getting married in these seasons can be more cozy, very beautiful and intimate.

Before we list some advantages, imagine your wedding with fireplaces, warm colors, happy people and you will see that the season is just a little detail. The most important thing is a genuine celebration of love.

We need to confess that we could list more than 5 reasons / advantages for an autumn / winter wedding in Portugal, but we try to select the ones that can move you forward.


Getting married in Autumn / Winter is synonymous with no-stress
with the weather, as it is certain that it can be cold and probably rain, but as your wedding will be thought according to the weather,
so this no longer needs to be a concern.
We already photographed winter weddings where we were blessed
with a wonderful light (this photo is an example of that)!


Warmer colors in a DECORATION, cause that warm felling in the heart.
If you add to it a breathtaking landscape (like the Douro Vineyards,
for example) you will have a breathtaking wedding and it will
become even more unforgettable for your guests.


With the colder days, your guests will love to have one more
reason to celebrate, as they can make the trip to your wedding
a getaway whether as a couple or with the a family.
Travel and accommodation tend to be cheaper at this point of the year. So it is to enjoy! Who doesn't like to have a few days to relax and get out of the rut?


Escaping the peak wedding season, your guests
will be more available and they won't have to think
“there comes another wedding”, but “let's go to a wedding party”!


As most couples prefer summer,
you will find it easier to have your day at your favourite place.
And this, without having to give up either.

wedding decor reception at Aqueduto Eventos Portugal

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.