Azores Wedding Photographer | Ana and Daniel Engagement Session

Azores Wedding Photographer

It’s wonderful when couples who choose us to tell the story of their day tell us that they saw Ana and Daniel's wedding and say that it’s a wedding full of details. And it’s so true, it was a wedding in which everything was made by them with such care. The stationary of the wedding, the piece to put the wedding rings, the bouquet, details of the tables and so on.

Well, all started in this session that we did with them in the Azores, Daniel's land. The main idea of the session was to document in photos them on a tea harvest - in one of the most beautiful places on the Island, right next to Lagoa das Sete Cidades - which would be the reminder of their wedding (one more detail that made perfect sense!). They picked the tea, did the drying treatment and Daniel's father helped sew the bags to offer to the guests.

The session was not just about that, we went further. We wanted to take this opportunity to explore the island of São Miguel, have a good experience together and bring memories in the form of photos for them. We learned about so much that if we try to describe it the post would be even bigger.

They liked the result so much that they surprised us sharing the slideshow we offered them on their wedding day while explaining about the gift that the guests had just received.

Azores Wedding Photographer

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.