Best of 2016 – Portugal Wedding Photography by Arte Magna

This post is a small percentage of what we experienced in 2016, the year in which we had the opportunity to participate in the lives of many special people, who opened the door of their lives and allowed us to create unique memories for them.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple's life and every moment on that day has a kind of meaning. As wedding photographers we are more than just someone who is going to take photographs at a wedding. Instead, our principle is to be able to mingle amicably and confidently with the groom, bride, parents, children, grandparents and all the guests who participate in the story that begins with the wedding.

Those who know us well know that we also live this special day. After all, we are the "eyes" that will create those memories that we talk about so much, memories that will last forever. Our emotions are always running high and this is how we transfer that to our/your photography. How many times have we "caught" ourselves with tears in our eyes at a wedding?!

But this post isn't just about weddings, it's about people at special times in their lives. Moments that will never come back and that will be eternalized in memory and when that fails, eternalized in photographs. It's also about our special moments, about the places we know and that were provided by our work, also about the new friends we've gained.

We cannot end this post without thanking all the people who follow our path, who value our work and trust us completely. Thank you very much, from the heart.

You are part of our story, and we are a little bit of yours!

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