Creative Isolation in 2020

The month is March and the year 2020, we have been in social isolation for more than 15 days. An invisible threat that prevents us from having human contact. The days go by and the need to continue doing what we love will increase: fear and will fight daily.

While browsing the Instagram feed, at a not-so-productive moment, we saw a Facetime photoshoot session that photographer Alessio Albi did via Skype. Days later another photographer doing the same, and another day that passes. It was at that moment that we decided to turn this isolation into a creative isolation.

That same day, in our stories we saw an existence of Raquel and we decided to take a risk: the challenge was launched! In the exchanges of messages, even with the reception that we had never photographed in this way, nor the type of photograph, we shared the idea (not only would it be the first time that we would photograph someone alone in a different register, but how we would use Skype and FaceTime like our cameras). She accepted right away and off we went with fear.

Thankfully, the will to do it was greater than the fear. We overcame the difficulties of the day, where there was no computer, there were no tripods. Just a cell phone, chairs and towels. And once again, we went to prove that will will overcome fear. Done is better than perfect.

May these fragments of a different afternoon serve as a reminder of where we took advantage of the difficulty.

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.