Civil Wedding in Madrid | Inês and André

In 2019 we had one surprise after another, in June we went to Madrid to photograph the civil / intimate wedding of Inês and André.

It isn’t the first time we photographed a civil wedding in Madrid and we say with all certainty that we love photographing intimate weddings like this. In intimate weddings we learned many things and we want to share some tips for you who want a wedding like this:

Live the day in a light way: Inês and André arranged themselves at home calmly, helped get dressed and we even had time to walk through the streets of Madrid and take some pictures.

Do it your way, however you want: Who said that it’s necessary to have a cake to have a wedding, Inês and André took advantage of the late afternoon to be at home listening to good music and preparing their favorite drinks.

Anyway and again, live the day intensely! We will be there giving our best, our photograph through our whole soul.


Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.