Elopement at a Waterfall Mountain in Gerês Portugal | Alice and João

And if we tell you that is possible to have an elopement at a waterfall in Gerês Portugal? In the past, the most rebellious way to get married was associated with a “runaway” marriage. Do you see what happens in American films? Two enamored young men decide to flee to Las Vegas to tie the knot in a drive in church, “blessed” by a bad-looking Elvis! The thing was fast and truth be told, something clumsy! This was the elopements! Nowadays, it's not like that anymore!

Elopements are very much in vogue these days. In addition to being a very intimate and romantic way of marrying, with the Covid-19 pandemic, they may, in the near future, be a wonderful alternative to traditional marriage!

In an elopement, the idea of intimacy gains a whole new relevance! The idea is for the couple to marry alone, enjoying only and only each other's company. The grand celebration of traditional wedding gives way to an intimate ceremony. Just the two of you living that moment!

An elopement is anything you want it to be! Everything that is part of the traditions of a so-called normal wedding, has space in an elopement! In fact, the biggest difference is the lack of guests! Imagine the lightness of organizing an elopement! Couples respond only to their expectations, the imagination has no limits, and in this way marriage is really the expression of both!

The social rules applied to marriage fall to the ground and the sky is the limit! Do you want to get married in your favorite forest? On a boat in the middle of the ocean? On top of a mountain? If you choose an elopement, it is probably possible!

The rule of not having guests is not written in stone. It is something that characterizes an elopement, certainly, but some people choose to have a few guests, few are certain. An elopement ultimately removes much of the pressure associated with organizing and planning a wedding. The focus is really the couple. You no longer have to invite your bad-looking uncle just because!

In terms of budget, you can also take a lot more into account, of course, at this point, everything depends on your choices! It is, however, difficult to reach wedding budgets with 300 guests!

Not everything is pink, and often, if they choose an elopement just for two, the family tends to wrinkle their noses. There is nothing to do here, except to explain, with all calm and clarity, that this is your will. Certainly, although reluctantly, family and friends tend to understand and of course, there is always the sharing of photos and video of that pure moment shared by both!

Above all, an elopement is a choice. Freedom. It allows you to enjoy each other in a very intimate way. It is really for the bride and groom, a day when all options clearly reflect your passions. A day to live at your own pace without major complications and outside pressure! The photos stay to tell the story!

For us, an elopement is clearly a very beautiful and pure way to celebrate love and for that, two are enough! And that's how Alice and João did it. This adventure of make an elopement at a waterfall in Gerês Portugal was also shared with Vanessa & Ivo, a couple of videographers, whom we call friends, and with whom we climbed into the ring for the last ray of sunshine since 2014.

Photography: @ARTEMAGNA

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.