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About us

We are Teresa and Dado, a Portuguese girl from the northern part of the country and a Brazilian boy from São Paulo. Fate wanted us to cross paths in Braga and we became lovers overnight (literally!).

We like strolls without destination, discover new places and go back to old ones, where we’ve been happy. Spending days with family and friends, dancing in uncoordinated freestyle mode and good food. We love to squeeze our Tuto's cheeks and squeeze our cats, Luke and Leia. In short, we are simple people who enjoy the good pleasures of life and we are very happy next to each other.

And it is these pleasures and the love we share with our people that make this life beautiful, and it is what we most value in the world and what we take into our photography. We believe that photography is a matter of heart.


What photography means to us

Having the privilege of preserving moments and emotions through our photographs, so that you and future generations can review your history, is wonderful.

When photographing we like to be close, without being invasive. We photograph in a natural and simple way, because we want to give you real memories of your day. We talk about this a lot, because for us it’s important that you remember the moments, not the indications. After all, photography is one of the only things (if not the only one) that will remain to tell the story, and the photographs we create together will be like jewels for your family, will pass from generation to generation and will allow you to travel through time.


Our brand, Arte Magna

And if photography allows us to travel back in time, to talk about the beginning of Arte Magna we also have to make a trip until the end of the 70s. Arte Magna is a family legacy born by the hand of Teresa's father, Jorge Guerreiro, and since 2013 Arte Magna became the “lady” of our eyes.

In 2017, we made one of our dreams come true and built our studio where Teresa's grandmother's garden used to be. It is in this space where we receive our couples, edit and create. It’s also where we have some of our favorite things: our plants and books and the first advertising sign from Arte Magna.


Our logo

And it is on the first sign that is the first logo of Arte Magna, designed by Teresa's father. Years passed, fashions too and we came to the logo that we have today made by our dear friend and designer Celso Modeneze.

This change and the new image, represent what we are and what photography is for us: photography is precious. We want photography to be a jewel, to have a great appreciation for it and that our photographs accompany you forever.