Family Photo Session at Home

You know those sessions full of meaning? This is one of them! Having a family session at home adds much more meaning to the session. After all, the kids are in their own environment and the house is full of objects that are part of the family history. Not to mention that when they review the photographs they will remember what the house was like that year, the clothes the kids wore and how they behaved back then.

It's about the simplicity of a day, about the “fights” we had with our brother over small things, that childhood thing that those who passed know. That cry that after 2 minutes everything is fine again, and we keep running after the ball, playing scientists and even wetting the photographers. And that's okay, because for these photographers what matters is this, living these real moments that will always be remembered when they pick up the album with the photographs of that day.

We quote a part of a text that a friend published some time ago:

"Photography is to refresh our memories
to be shared with future generations
about how we were, where we've been and so
connect with scents, colors, favorite objects
that no longer exist…"

It's so nice to say: I miss you (and here we add)

  • what was his hair like here
  • do you remember how he cried because we didn't let him wear the Sporting kit and that later the photographers agreed with him that near the end of the session he would wear
  • that was the movie they most liked to see

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.