Porto Beach Pregnancy Session | Diana & Nando

When we received this statement from Diana and Nando, we knew it would be difficult to write a post about the session and for our words to speak about the experience that our photography caused when we met them.

“I discovered Arte Magna through the photographic records they were making for a VERY SPECIAL FRIEND. The photographs spoke for themselves, they always left me fascinated for transmitting so much feeling in a single image, so much light and feelings, the photograph came to life.

When my first pregnancy arrived, I didn't research it, I didn't hesitate. I asked for the contact, called and we were agreed.
The session went wonderfully well, it was so easy, so special, suddenly being photographed became a pleasure. Dado and Teresa, two very special people, such good and contagious energy. They do a brilliant job.

For the birth session it was immediately decided that we wanted Teresa with us.
For a moment the words "fled".
We let the feelings flow.
We feel gratitude, happiness, love.
Reliving Carminho's birth through Teresa's "eyes" was indescribable.
The work carried out by Teresa was as delicate, expert and perfect as the moment demanded.

Thank you Teresa for the unique and magical record that will stay with us for a lifetime.
We are very happy that this sharing was so perfect.
We are full hearted.

Better than words is the exceptional photographic record to explain something so sublime and tender.

Diana, Fernando and Carminho”

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.