Destination Wedding at Lago dos Cisnes Portugal | Elodie and Jeremy

Elodie and Jeremy's Wedding was one of those weddings where on the way home we said to each other: that's it! In our meetings we always say that 80% of the wedding photos are made by the people involved, the other 20% is the direction we give at the time of the couple's session. Of course, anyone who knows us knows that we live the wedding day too, we're not that kind of ghost-photographers. : p All you see is real, can't put a tear on someone's face at the time of the ceremony or in a speech.

The day was beautiful, the place chosen for the wedding was the Quinta Lago dos Cisnes in Amares, Braga. The ceremony was held by a friend and we can say that it was very special, we were left with tears in our eyes. Knowing that everyone is connected on the wedding day (and this is reflected in our photos) only makes us happier and give us the opportunity to deliver the perfect memories of a day as perfect as that of Elodie and Jeremy.

On this wedding we had EDGAR FELIX AND RITA by our side making the video. And what good company! <3

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