Pregnant Photo Shoot | Sara & Vitor

Sara and Vitor were our couple and, as soon as they found out they were going to be parents, they got in touch with us to say that they would have the session as soon as Sara was 30 weeks old. They gave us complete freedom in choosing the location and asked for tips on what to wear. Simplicity is one of our principles, so we sent them some references and gave them the most important tip: that they were and felt comfortable since we were going to walk in a hill.

Our job, in addition to taking beautiful photographs and creating memories, is also to give you tips that will help and make you comfortable for such a special moment, such as pregnancy and the arrival of a child.

Sara and Vitor it is a huge honor to continue creating memories for your family. And we had to share this post, the week Maria Ana arrived!

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.