Real Wedding DIY Bouquet Inspiration | Areias do Seixo Hotel

This is not just a wedding post with a beautiful bride and her bouquet, but about that moment: the decision to make your own bouquet, the certainty of what you want to take in your hands when you walk arm in arm with the father. Nothing better than reading Ana's words and letting yourself be inspired:

Each one has their favorite flower. They are undoubtedly the natural materialization of love and therefore a central element in the celebration of the union of two people. As passionate about flowers, I wanted to take the opportunity to explore a passion and coordinate the decoration and selection of flowers, combining colors and textures. Ana's bouquet queen was a beautiful Protea King, and nothing more wonderful than being able to photograph this moment and her happiness. Ana didn't want to have only flowers, but her flowers!

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.