Rustic Wedding in Porto Portugal | Sonia and Dourado

Rustic Wedding in Porto Portugal

We increasingly feel that there are couples who know the value of HAPPINESS and who fulfill the dream of having a wedding that is a reflection of what they idealized. We still remember the day when they visited us in our studio and said they wanted a civil wedding in Porto. Then we let go of words, dreams and wishes, for a good couple of hours. Talking to Sónia and Dourado, was to realize that in addition to the incredible love they have for each other, they knew exactly what they wanted for their day and that photography was of enormous importance.

What will it be like to review your wedding photos 10 years from now? Isn't it wonderful to look at every smile? See who was at your side on such a beautiful day? We understand that it isn’t easy to disconnect from the pressure of the day, but it’s so wonderful when it happens and the couple lives intensely that day and enjoys the moment they are being photographed. We always do our best and give ourselves heart and soul in each photo.

Sónia and Dourado had the wedding they dreamed of, always with their feet on the ground and their hands on the dough. As adventurers they are, they chose an old pier for the ceremony and together they prepare everything. Invitations made by the bride and groom? We have. Decoration of the ceremony? We have. Fresh beer at the end of the civil? We have. We learned, once again, that when you want something very much, you have to fight and do it. Even with your own hands! Why not take more chances on a day when love is celebrated?

Rustic Wedding in Porto Portugal

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