Six Senses Douro Valley Wedding | Bo and Sung

an aerial view of a douro vineyard at Six senses Douro Valley Wedding Venue

Six Senses Douro Valley Destination Wedding

A wedding is made of people. Of our people, of those around us, of those who are always there. Bo & Sung's wedding was a wedding full of their people. It was two unforgettable days. They were for us, so imagine for their friends and family. Today, exactly one year ago , we photographed their wedding at Six Senses Douro Valley.

Intense, exciting and blessed days. We will never forget Rev. Daniel Jung's speech at the welcome dinner. Simple words, but perfectly spoken. There were times to laugh, to think and to feel. As we write this text, those words echo in our heads and we thank Bo & Sung for giving us a privileged place to watch everything.

And it’s this privileged place that reminds us of the importance of our work, how valuable it is and can transport us in time. A time that doesn't come back, but a time that can be relived.

Although we only met them the day before the wedding, we were welcomed with open arms, we felt at home and that's how we embraced the way of photographing for Bo & Sung. Then our hearts were filled even more with the words that Bo wrote to us (at the end of this post you can read those words).

Our work is our life and it is in this life that we are happy and that we want to continue telling each story through our photographs.

And of course, we have to talk about the beautiful decor made by Crachá, which gave Six Senses even more charm.

Teresa & Dado captured our destination wedding weekend for us in the Douro Valley. Our desire was to capture the natural beauty of the surrounding Douro Valley, the majesty of the changing autumn colors, and to work alongside people who were genuine, creative, lovely, and thoughtful.

Teresa & Dado at Arte Magna delivered all of it and more. Despite not having met them in person before our wedding weekend, they immediately put us at ease with their friendly and kind approach.

They are easy to get along with and communicate well.
They are professionals through and through, but beyond that, they are truly deep, beautiful, creative, romantic souls and they care deeply about their art. I could not have asked for better photographers for one of the most beautiful weekends of my life.

They are artists, and they take it seriously, but are the gentlest, most loving souls in the world. If you are looking for a photographer that is demanding, rigid, or typically professional and “cold”, they are not right for you. If you are looking for partners who love and are excellent at what they do and are genuinely sweet human beings, you’ve found them in Teresa and Dado.

Our photos are absolutely magical, and capture our weekend perfectly.

Thank you!

Photography @ARTEMAGNA

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.