Start at the beginning – This is not a travel blog

When we talked about changing the whole look of our brand and website, we had a conversation and came to the conclusion that we would like to have a personal blog to talk about our experiences outside of wedding photography. And this is the first post on this blog, with the title - This is not a travel photography blog from Portugal. We don't want that responsibility on our trips and we don't want to think too much… The idea is really something without any pressure.

Come on, this trip was made in 2015 when we would be photographed for the first time by our dear Ricardo Vieira, however, Ricardo got sick and our session had to be postponed, but we went for the ride!

We continued on to our first stop, we would sleep in Castro Laboreiro. The Castro Laboreiro area is one of our passions here in Minho, one of the places that is part of the Peneda Gêres National Park, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal, elected in 2010 in the category of Protected Areas.

On the way, when we were passing through Spain, we decided to stop on the road to enjoy the scenery and take some pictures. This was one of the goals we had in mind for our trips, if we felt like stopping halfway through, we would, because almost always on past trips we regretted not doing so.

After a night in Castro Laboreiro, and while we were having breakfast we had a friend (Castro Laboreiro dog) who was hypnotizing us and as soon as we left he came to see if he could figure something out. The truth is that it did, it seems they know who has a soft heart for animals. We continue towards our second destination, Nomad Planet, a place with a fantastic view and an inexplicable peace. As it says on the entrance board “Stress Free Zone”, and that's right!

The next day we woke up early to enjoy the last day, we left for Cascata Sela Cavalo, Fojo dos Lobos and, finally, Cascata Tahiti.

The certainty is, we have fantastic places to visit here in Portugal… We will discover new ones and visit the ones we already know.

You may notice that among the photographs are some that were taken with serviced cameras. Dado took a Kiev 88 and a Mamiya 645 that day.

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.