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Rustic Wedding

We chose to photograph weddings not by accident. Being able to photograph in unexpected places, in Portugal or around the world, sharpens our creativity, like the space of this Stunning Rustic Wedding.

All couples are different and each love story has impressive details that can move us even if they are told for the thousandth time. Therefore, nothing lives up to the purest of feelings than finding the perfect place and the ideal supplier team to save these moments for eternity.

We always talk about how much we believe in the importance of capturing the personality of the couple. We try to transmit this essence through each choice we make when we are taking photos, but the editorial of a rustic wedding we show you today goes far beyond that: it involves the history of decades, in a space abandoned by time and full of secrets.

The idea of this rustic wedding editorial, shared by Zankyou, and its main objective was to show that not all weddings have to be in a venue, perfect garden or with a palace as background. The chosen place, which seems to be taken from a story we heard as children, is in our beloved village, Joane in the heart of Minho. This house it was an old stationery store and today is the home of Cindinha, a bulkstore and in the future it will have also a guesthouse.

This space was the protagonist of endless stories, some of them of love. Now, it was our turn to create one more. Inside these weathered walls, a scenario worthy of film was created by the hands of Isabel from Crachá and her team. Every detail was thought out in detail, from the light elements to the furniture, strategically placed, to give life to this dream scenario of a rustic wedding. Such magical places are for those who value history and magic more than modernity and luxury. They are for couples who have the audacity to create the script for their own wedding.

Photography @ARTEMAGNA
Sandals @MAY 34
Hair & Make Up @MRIBAU
Model @A_SIVI

Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.