Stylish Classic Wedding Decor Portugal | Aqueduto Eventos

Stylish Classic Wedding Decor Portugal | Aqueduto Eventos

This post is about a wedding, but in a different way than usual: let's talk about wedding decoration and trust.

Whenever we know we're going back to Cristina and Francisco's venue - the wonderful Aqueduto Eventos - we get the flea in the ear to see the decoration. They are amazing people and besides that they do such a good work that it's hard to sum up in simple adjectives. They are sttentive and careful all the time and we can work freely.

Today we want to show you the classic wedding decor that Cristina prepared for Constance & Stèphane.

If we close our eyes we can still smell the flowers that flooded the room. Close your eyes and imagine a fragrant spot full of perfect flowers and a dazzling combination. To this, add a careful lighting, that makes all the difference in photographs, much love in what is done and voilà! We have a couple who are moved to see “their room” for the first time and the amazement of their guests. Us? We are equally thrilled and grateful for all the care in Aqueduto Eventos and the way everyone treated us. And to see the joy of such a dear couple, it's so good!

Constance & Stèphane day was the perfect and harmonious marriage between the modern, the classic and the elegant… Where everything reflected their identity so well. And this is all the result of a lot of trust. If you are thinking of getting married and haven't decided the venue, talk to Cristina and Francisco. We are sure that you will be in good hands! And trust, trust the professionals you choose.

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