Being a bride and groom without losing your essence, it's essential. You have to see your individual personalities reflected through your attire... And this is what we felt when we saw Ashley's and Ted's details for the day.

Ashley wore a wedding dress from The Law, that she styled with a wooden bag, a beautiful pair of Loeffler Randall's sandals, some stylish sunglasses, and minimal jewelry.

Ted chose a classic tailored green suit from Drake's and like a cherry on top of the cake, his dad offered him a delicate feather to put on his lapel.

He also wore such cool sunglasses from a collab between Grateful Dead x Akila.

Welcome Event

Ashley & Ted had a laid-back welcome cocktail near the pool and, after it, a relaxed dinner under the stars with typical food and where the ingredients came directly from the SLB farm. The food was being cooked under their eyes and noses... The beautiful surroundings, the sounds and smells of the fire burning the wood, while the Chef was cooking, transformed the atmosphere. The day ended in a more special and memorable way because of the speeches given by their family and friends.

Ashley and Ted had an unforgettable wedding ceremony, held by a close friend, near beautiful ancient rocks and olive trees.

It was a hot afternoon, but everyone forgot the heat because the ceremony was so sweet and unique. They exchanged such beautiful and from the heart vows that moved everyone... With some happy and emotive tears, but also with many laughs.

After a cocktail on a old apiary they had a beautiful al fresco dinner with a stunning view above the olive fields that surrounds SLB; this was the perfect way to set the mood for a lovely dinner filled with more memorable speeches from their family and friends. The day ended with everyone having a blast partying in one of the beautiful indoor hall that São Lourenço do Barrocal have.


Even though a moment only lasts a short time, we can remember it in our minds forever.