Wedding in Santa Cruz Portugal at Hotel Areias do Seixo | Ana and Daniel

Photograph is what moves us, and when we have couples who give themselves 100% to their day it becomes even easier. In the end everyone wins, we have a genuine wedding and they have the photos they always dreamed of. A dream we had was to photograph at Areias do Seixo, an absolutely stunning place with a modern and organic design. Areias do Seixo is charming, and is one of the few sustainable hotels in Portugal that is open to wedding celebrations. It is one of those places where we could photograph there all our lives and it would not be enough.

"A genuine photograph, that show emotions and personalities", was what Daniel said that they were looking for the wedding in the first email he sent us. Then, when we met via Skype, we found out that Daniel and Ana are architects and that this “genuine” word was not for nothing.

Of course, their wedding was going to be special, it was the day to celebrate their love with family and friends. As photographers, it was wonderful to follow every detail they shared with us and to feel the care with they everything they planned, the visual part of the wedding always in mind. It feels good to feel that we were part of the process.

In addition, a few months before the wedding we spent 3 days with them in the Azores, where they took us on a tour on the island. They made a tea picking that would be the wedding gift for the guests. And of course, we had a session with them that soon will be on our blog. "We really want to have a session on the island of São Miguel during a day of walking through some of the places that inspire us and that marked Daniel's childhood, and also participate in a tea plantation located in the Lagos das Sete Cidades. More than that, we want to take you on a tour on the island, not only to get to know its beauties, but also to get to know each other better and generate synergies before the wedding day."

After this trip, you could understand what the wedding day would be like for both of them and the enthusiasm for the day to come. We then participated very close to their day, we were not "strangers" looking from afar. Just as they were not "strangers" arriving at their own wedding - they planned all the details together and very closely. They put their hands on the dough and created a complete and perfect graphic part, a ring holder and even Ana's bouquet was made by her! Everything was planned by both of them so that their day would look like theirs.

And their delivery ?! (When we say delivery is being there to live the day, people and celebrate love without shame) We hope you feel that delivery in the photos. <3

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